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A rare public post



A rare public post

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I'm going to say this once and only once (and I'm not getting into why; I don't want the drama):

Malevolence is NOT going to be tolerated in my journal. This is MY journal, not yours. It's here for MY benefit, not yours. This is MY life, not yours. If that bugs you, I'm not sorry.

If you have a beef with me, take it to shannabanana@gmail.com, don't make puerile annonymous comments.

ETA: Did a friends cut. Get over it.
  • Oy vey, what's going on hun?
  • :O
  • I hope things are okay--not sure why I got cut but best of luck to you.
    • Honestly I think I got a little cut-happy while I was so pissed off last night. Can I add you back?
      • Absolutely! I don't think I had even un-friended you yet. I figured there must have been some sort of drama that I had missed.
  • haha i read your cut happy comment, lol your so funny. I'm sorry drama is going on, hope it goes away
  • sorry to see I got cut, but it's your journal. I hope things are okay.
  • Your family is beautiful. I friended you. Feel free to friend me too.
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