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I'd call them freaks, but to them, that's like saying "good morning"



I'd call them freaks, but to them, that's like saying "good morning"

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I've really gotten back into message boards. I say back because that's where I started off on the internet. I got out of the habit after my subscription to babynames.com ran out and I haven't been message baording since. After I took my hiatus from Livejournal, I started frequenting the Hyenacart message boards. They're great, but I run out of stuff to read about halfway through my day.

Anyway, I've always heard about the diaper swapping going on at mothering.com (MDC), so today, I headed over there and I signed on up. Those. Women. Are. Crazy. I was too terrified to write, much less respond, to anything. They make the mothering groups on Livejournal look positively lax. It's like crunchy boot camp over there. And when I say boot camp, I mean hardcore boot camp. Marine boot camp. YOU BETTER BE CO-SLEEPING, PRIVATE! IS THAT A PAMPERS I SEE ON THAT BABY?! NOW GET DOWN AND GIVE ME 2oz OF EXPRESSED BREASTMILK! Holy crap. I don't think I'll be going back. Nay, I KNOW I won't be going back. I think I may renew my subscription to babynames when I get back from the states.

Speaking of going to the states, there's a typhoon headed this way. Yay. If it's not gone by Friday, that means I'm probably going to be stuck here until next weekend. Oh, the joys of Space-Available travel. Squee.
  • I'm on the MDC boards. I only go to the diapering board though. I mostly read posts on washing or reviews on a product. I post just enough that I got finally got my post count high enough to see the trading post and now I don't even go there.
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