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I'm going to be a Yankee!



I'm going to be a Yankee!

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Scratch Tampa, the Army changed it's mind- now we're moving to Maryland! :O

  • hehe, a southern yankee! this is gonna be good!
    • I'm going to die there. I don't say things like soda and corn pone!
      • i was just thinking about the "ya'll" that would slip out, sweet tea cravings and missing some good alabama heat!
        • They're going to point and laugh at me,
          • it'll be okay...you can woo them with southern charm and cut a bitch with it too.

            • woot, I win either way.
              • woohoo! glad i could help!

                miss having you around....also miss your LJ posts and pictures!! we need updates woman!
                • I do more at typepad. I still read here, but IDK, the 12th grade mentality that seems to have taken over lately has gotten to me. You can subscribe to a feed of my blog- the link is on the bottom of the links on the right

  • Added ya back..
  • yooohooo... me and hubby were talking about you the other day and how we miss you two sooo much! It's crazy .... *sniff sniff* So come to maryland and I can make some weekend trips down... and you can come up... but atleast you won't be an ocean away.
  • i am at my parents and don't have your blogsite bookmarked here or i would ask you there...
    my neice was born last sunday night and my sister wants to start cloth diapers...if i remember correctly, you did that with Seamus? which sites were your favorite, or which ones had the best deals? I remember one kind that you used that were adorable...began with an "M" i think...i don't remember.
    thanks for any info you can share!!
    • and you can send a reply to mandastevenson@hotmail.com or a journal entry of mine! thanks!
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