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Hiatus and serious friends cut. I need to get back to basics,…



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Hiatus and serious friends cut. I need to get back to basics, back to myself. I'm going through some things and battling some old demons that I need to deal with on my own. So, I need to take some time off to sort things out. I don't feel like I own this journal anymore. When it comes to the point that I worry about what I'm posting offending someone, it's time to take my journal back. It's not personal, it's not to be vengeful, it's just something I need to do. I'm sorry to those I've hurt. I'm sorry to those that feel this is unfair. This is my life. This is my journal. If you don't like it, I'm not sorry.
  • yeah but do you still want to send mail to each other???


    • Of course! :D I just mailed something off to you a few days ago.
      • I have a present for Seamus!!!!!!
        Can you send me your address again- shannamarie@shaw.ca and I will send it out tomorrow :)

        • Speaking of mailing stuff, I have your shirt and Prem Prefold Set to send out to you! :)
          • Awesome! I have your stuff ready to mail too, I've just had a rough patch.
            • I totally understand hun. Just e-mail me at frootijen@mac.com w/your mailing address again. I want to mail it next week. Did I give you my new address? We can talk it over in e-mail! :)
  • You should never worry about offending anyone. It is your journal. :) I won't be upset if you remove me. I lie, I will cry. So there.;) Seriously I would be bummed, but totally understand the need to do to the cut! People better get used to it. Life is unfair and doesn't revolve around them. I hope you can work out everything that you are going through. If you need to talk, let me know! Love ya and Mr. Seamus. :) Take your time love.

    I have been on a quiet hiatus (sort of) myself. I will get you the kids measurements this week for the Kimonos and PP the cizzash.

    Oh, Roman and Ashley love the knitted snake. It is so cute and played with all the time. Thank you hun! I want to get more toys like that for the kids, so if you make more, let me know. I would be happy to buy them. I hope you liked your bath stuff. I thought that you could used some stuff for momma time!
    • You weren't deleted. You love fun cloth diapers as much as I do. ;)
      I haven't gotten my package yet, but I'll probably get it this week. The typhoon last weekend messed everything up. :(
      I make those snakes all the time with leftover yarn. I'll stick another one in with their kimonos. :p
      • Damn it. I have the DC or customs # somewhere in my purse. I will check for it (found it, but they didn't add a DC number, just the custom number is on it-I hope they can trace it). I am going to the PO tomorrow to mail off some Fuzzi Buns for latemove so I will check on it then. If you don't get it, I am going to be so mad at the PO and refund you the money and send you a new mommy gift! Bummer. You are so sweet to send another snake. I swear, things are so crazy right now. I really need to get the kids measurements for you. I have this list of crap that I need to do and need to add that to the top of the list. I totally hate moving. :( I hope that you are doing okay though! *hugs*
  • sorry to read that Shanna. Your journal should always be your own, where you can say what you like, rant when you like, cry when you like and be daft when you like. You should never need to apologise for anything you write on it.

    I hope I stay on your list as I just got here but I totally understand if you need to make the cut

    J xx
  • Ya gotta keep it real (yo! ...now I feel like wearing droopy drawers and putting my hat on sideways LOL)
  • I've been nothing more than a lurker since you chose of your own accord to let me back in. I hope you get settled again.
  • you okay shanna? if you are still coming to the states and wanna come hang out you can. let me know if there is anything i can do!
  • Aw, I hope everything's better soon and you are back and more offensive than ever. :)
  • No hard feelings ♥
    Take back your life and take control of the little things. It will all work out.
  • I agree that you should never have to worry about offending anyone when this is your journal! I hope all is alright. Take care of yourself and that beautiful baby boy of yours.
  • I understand, hope some day we can be friends again! Take care and hope everything works out! =)
  • No hard feelings here. Things happen and you need to get to yourself and feel in control again. I'm not going to take you off of mu flist so if you ever feel the need to add me back on I'll be there.
  • Awe I was bummed to know you removed me but that's okay if you feel is for the best, I've been working till late so I haven't been able to catch up. Please give that gorgeous little Seamus a hug and a kiss for me, and I hope whatever your dealing with right now goes away. xoxox love!!!
  • Hope things get better for you. Hopefully you'll post a public Seamus post once in awhile as I like to read about him since he's so close in age to my little guy.
  • i love ya!

    good for you shanna... you shouldnt feel bad... you need to be able to express things honestly... you should be made to feel bad or guilty for your own toughts... i love journals and i write constantly... i admire those that can honestly put their thoughts public~~i could never do it... not with out officials stepping in~~lol.. id probably be in jail or a psych ward... hehe... anyway, if you need to talk, im here...
  • I don't know if you are getting messages fowarded to email but i thought i'd try this and email of course :-)
    First Happy Aniversary, early I know but still....
    Listen I miss you.....
  • the icon saw used on ontd was hilarious, about your baby's shows and banning you from myspace.. dont want to be added or anything just coming by to tell you i enjoyed tha laughs
  • Hi.

    You responded to me in the clothdiapering community a few days ago about a diaper set. If you are still intersted I would love to sell them to you for the $30. The only thing is I didn't know you were in Japan. I haven't sent anything to Japan before so I don't know how much it would cost to send it. I don't mind in the least bit shipping to you, but if it is a lot fo money I would have to tack on an extra few ddollars. I would just like to know if you are still intersted so that if not I can see if someone else would like them. I responded back to your comment but got no response. I know that livejournal was being weird for a few days so I didn't know if you got the email.

    Btw, your little one is gorgeous. I love the little scrolling pictures on the side.

    Take Care
  • HI, I am Amanda, Shanna's (aka:asskicka)best friend.

    I will be creating a book/journal for Shanna for her blessingway...with words of wisdom and support, poetry, prayers or anything that celebrates her journey and lends support.
    If you would like to add something to this book for her, please email it to me at ( amkandi @ telus.net ) by saturday and I will print it and put it all together.
    I think it will be a beautiful keepsake for her and for her baby, she will know how loved and supported she is.

    If you have never heard of a blessingway before, its an alternative to a babyshower where we bless shanna in her journey to being the mother of 4, so she can remember all women who have gone before her in child bearing and so we can pledge our support to her as she enteres into her birthing experience.

    feel free to write a poem, blessing, words of wisdom or support, whatever you feel like....you can also include your birth experiences

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