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So, I'm quitting my job at the end of next month (but I'm not…



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So, I'm quitting my job at the end of next month (but I'm not telling work until the end of this month- I want to give them the option of hiring and training someone before I leave. I also intend on offering to be on call on an as-needed basis). Mike makes enough for me to do this, plus, it takes out the awkward what-to-do-with-Seamus-during spring-and-summer-breaks factor. Frankly, I'm miserable here and I'm so ready to leave. However, my boss reminded me today that they are going on vacation the first week of June. Um, oops. Sorry, person who will replace me.
Do I offer this job to friends of mine on Facebook? Or is that cruel to offer them this super-awesome job that offers perks such as:

  • working 40 hours/week for barely-above minimum wage!

  • no benefits!

  • get a whole hour for lunch off that you are expected to answer the phone while you eat!

  • you get to deal with 2, maybe 3 tolerable people, tops, on a daily basis?

  • Oh, and rednecks. SOOOOO MANY REDNECKS.

  • I'd give a few people the "heads up" that you are leaving in case there are a few who are in dire need of a jerrrb. Not like you're the one hiring them or insisting they take the job. Let them know there will be a spot open in the next few weeks then the rest is on them.
    • Good plan. Maybe someone is desperate and I can help them out.
      • yea, it would be nice to send a personal message to someone who might be interested in the job. OR, even when you tell your boss that you are leaving, let them know a few names of people who might be contacting them. It would be a personal recommendation from you and help fill your position.
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