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Skipped Back 10

September 10th, 2005

Like fertility, breastfeeding is one of those things you just assume you'll be able to do when the time comes. As a girl, all your life, you're told that you will have a baby, and depending on who raised you, you were probably told at some point that you will breastfeed that baby. So, what happens when it doesn't all pan out that way? What happens when you have trouble conceiving that baby? What happens when you can't breastfeed that baby you finally do conceive? You feel broken. You can't do something that comes so naturally to so many women.
You spend from the time you start having sex until the point up until you decide to have a baby terrified that you'll get pregnant. Then your life changes. Either you decide that it's time to get pregnant (or you get pregnant and decide to keep the baby). For 9 months, you make all these plans for your new little one- from decorating the nursery to what kind of diapers to use. You buy everything you can in the appropriate color. You're going to do this and that with junior and s/he will be the perfect specimen of what every baby should be. S/he will be the perfect accessory: like the chocolate brown leather Gucci purse with the bamboo handle (and your baby will feel just as buttery soft as a chocolate brown leather Gucci purse with the bamboo handle). Your baby will make the Gerber baby look like a cross between a troll and Lyle Lovett (right after he gets out of bed in the mornings).
The big day arrives and your baby is here. Ten fingers, ten toes, your eyes, and their father's chin. You're in love. The nurse in the delivery room encourages you to breastfeed the baby, so you bring baby to boobie and let him/her suckle. The perfect picture of Madonna and baby. Since babies don't need much, if any, food to survive in the first few days, no matter how much milk you are or aren't producing, it will be enough. You go home with you baby and you find out in a few weeks that through no fault of your own, no, it isn't enough.

I assume that when you make the decision to formula feed from the beginning, that you're comfortable with that decision. You are prepared to deal with the boob nazis and the old women who look down their noses at you in the supermarket. Every time I go to the store to buy my cans of Enfamil, I wish I had a shirt that said "It's not my fault!". I don't feel like sharing my entire medical history with these women who feel compelled to come up and tell me that breast is best, so what do I say? When I tell them that I can't, they roll their eyes and walk away. I'm left there feeling guilty for something I have no control over.
Why can't we support one another no matter what the decision? We're all playing for the same team: it's not some stranger's place to tell me I'm wrong. Is breastfeeding best? Sure. So is never drinking coffee, growing your own vegetables, and never giving into that Ben and Jerry's craving. If you can do all that, you're a better woman than me. I tip my hat to you.

July 9th, 2005

Birth Story

If I don't do this now, I'll either never do it and be very sad about it later or I'll forget some details that I'll want to remember when I finally got around to doing it. So, while my little one is sleeping, I'll get this down...

Birth StoryCollapse )

July 8th, 2005

(no subject)

This is Shanna reclaiming control of her Livejournal. :D

We're finally home- all of us. Seamus and I got discharged this afternoon, but we have to take him back all weekend to be weighed and such. God, I am so relieved to be home with my baby. 5 days and 4 nights in a hospital room is too long if you ask me. Seamus is doing great, I'm doing good, and we're all pretty much emotionally and physically exhausted. I don't feel like sitting at the keyboard and such, so I'll just post some pictures...

Baby SeamusCollapse )

July 7th, 2005

the last... maybe?

Shanna's Husband here, again, for perhaps the last time.

OK... here goes. So far, so good. As it stands the baby MAY come home with Shanna tomorrow morning. If not, then ALMOST definitely by friday morning. The tests didn't turn out good, but not really bad either, lol. The test said there are NO bacteria in the baby's blood, but he does have some bacteria on his skin, which they've been treating. Tonight is the first night the baby will be staying in the room with Shanna, so that means the hubtard is staying too... sigh, great night coming up on that POS chair/bed (yes, chair/bed, not couch bed... it reclines to a full laying position... with seat cushions from around the 70's... NOT the comfy kind). I've probably been home longer than the wife intended, but I'm enjoying a lil bit of comfort before a lil bit of torture... sides, first hour or so the baby's in the room I doubt the wife'll let go of him anyway. Lessee... what else... ok, seamus got his "pencil sharpened" (that's how the doc put it) today... yeesh, I didn't witness the actual snippage, but I saw the after-math... OUCH!!! dear god, why did I look at that????? *shudder* talk about sympathy pain... poor lil bastard. Ok, guess I've rested enough, time to head back to the h'pital.

July 6th, 2005

Baby Update

Shanna's Husband here:

Ok, the baby still isn't in the room with us... we don't expect to get the test results back now until the morning, and depending on the results, he'll be released to us and the baby AND shanna will get discharged... or the baby will be there for 6 to 10 more days and Shanna will probably stay there on a special status, I forget what its called, but she's basically discharged but freeloading. That way she can continue to head over to the ICU to nurse him every 3 hours. I'm grabbing some Z's cause I'm being a shitty dad and not sleeping on the chair there next to her bed, I'm coming home at night until 7-8ish in the morning.

baby update

Ok, this is Shanna's Husband... again...

Recent news on the baby... soon after we went into the post-natal rooms, baby Seamus was taken to the NICU (neo-natal intensive care) because he was breathing a LITTLE too rapidly... really, very little over, but faster than a "normal" baby, so they took him and put him on oxygen and gave him an IV... The funny thing about it, he's almost twice the size of any other baby in there, so I thought about naming him baby 'zilla, the other babies must be afraid he's going to eat them. Since then, he has come off the IV and the oxygen and they are going to give him one more thorough going over before he can come back and stay in our room. Everyone cross your fingers... shanna will probably be discharged in the morning, which is roughly... 18 hours from now for you people nowhere near us. If she's not, I'll probably be doing yet another update on here... btw, shanna is off ALL IV's and tubes and stuff now (I guess she's important too, if not so much as the baby). She's able to walk around again, but she does have 28 stitches "down there", which she says hurts like a motherfucker... if you're curious about the stitches, refer back to where I said seamus ripped her apart on his way out... which reminds me of this...


ya'll have fun

July 5th, 2005

This is Mike again, Shanna is currently indesposed in a hospital bed waiting anxiously for baby seamus (pronounced shay-mus, for the fucktarded out there). She was moved from labor and delivery floor and he was being bathed and prettied up right before I left for a shower and to pick up some odds and ends (and to upload pics for certain lucky e-mail receivers, sorry, don't know how to upload pics for livejournal viewing, ya'll have to wait for her to get back from the hospital).

Ok, the vital statistics are...

time from admittance to delivery: 11 1/2'ish hours
time it took to get epidural: I'll say... about an hour to an hour and a half
time it took to realize it didn't do shit for her: about 2 seconds
time it took to realize it was properly inserted, the medicine just didn't work on her: about 2 hours
times they straight knocked her out: twice, hour apiece

babies weight upon greeting the world: 8 lbs 6.7 oz
babies length: 21 3/4 inches
birth time: 6:26 am tokyo time zone 05 jul 05
particular relative this baby shares a b'day with : shanna's 91 year old g'ma

and... the tearing the baby did on his way out: just plain frikkin vicious

July 4th, 2005

Baby's coming

This is Shanna's husband, Mike. She's in labor and delivery now with an epidural in her back. I ran home to get her contact case and glasses and try and call the fam... no luch there... wish her luck, she's miserable

November 18th, 2003

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
-Dr. Seuss

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